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Text Banking FAQs & Instructions

Getting started is simple! To activate the service, you will need to log into the OnLine Banking site. From the navigation bar, choose the “Additional Services” heading. Select “Alerts & Notifications” from the drop‐down menu. Start with “Text Message Banking” on the right‐hand side and complete the required information. A list of text commands is also shown directly below. The Alerts and Notifications section will allow you to choose your specific alerts, setting and accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Text Message Banking

  1. How secure is Text Message Banking?

    Security Savings Bank’s text banking service is secure. Messages will never contain full account numbers.

  2. Will I be charged for Text Message Banking?

    You will not receive a charge from Security Savings Bank, however, standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply from your mobile carrier. Check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren’t sure what fees may apply to you.

  3. Will Text Message Banking work on my phone?

    As long as you have text messaging enabled on your mobile phone and use a carrier that supports the service, you will be able to access text message banking.

  4. Why do I need to verify my phone?

    Verifying your phone is a one‐time‐step and is one way we ensure the security of mobile text messaging.

  5. Where do I find my activation code?

    During setup you will be sent a text message with your activation code. If you have already submitted your mobile number during setup, check your mobile device. You should receive a text message with your activation code within a few minutes.

  6. I still have not received my code, what do I do?

    It may take several minutes to receive your code. If you think you have waited long enough you can click the “resend code” link and then re‐check your mobile device for a new text message. If you still experience problems, be sure to check that you entered the correct mobile phone number during your initial setup.

  7. What is the primary text banking account?

    Your primary account is the default account that will be used when you text BAL to 61539. You should select the one you will likely check most often. You can get all account balances by texting BAL ALL to 61539.

  8. Can I get balances of all my accounts at Security Savings Bank?

    Yes…when you text BAL ALL to 61539, we will reply with a message containing the balances of all your checking and savings accounts registered in OnLine Banking.

  9. Can I change the primary text banking account later?

    Yes. Simply log back in to your OnLine Banking account, then go to Additional Services tab and select Alerts and Notifications and choose the ‘Update Button’ next to your primary bank information.

  10. What is the number I should send keywords to?

    The short code is 61539. The short code will only work if you have activated the Mobile Text Banking Service.

  11. How long does it take to get a text message?

    You should receive a text message response within a minute. Exact timing will depend on your mobile service carrier.

  12. Is there a password needed for Mobile Text Banking?

    You don’t need a password to access your account information via text message.

  13. How do I deactivate the Text Message Banking service?

    Text “stop” to 61539 on your activated mobile phone.

  14. I have a new mobile phone number. Can I change or add my new number online?

    Yes, however, you will need to deactivate your old mobile phone number and add your new mobile phone number. You can do this within alerts and mobile setup.

Rev. 05‐16