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Online Banking

Web Security

We recognize and respect your privacy and security when you visit our website. You can visit the site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information.

If you choose to provide personal information, you can use our Request Information form*. You can also choose to receive information from Security Savings Bank about new products and services, promotions and fraud alerts. Sign up on the home page under "Stay Informed" to receive information. When you submit personally identifying information using any of these forms, the information is encrypted, or scrambled, by your browser before being transmitted to our website.

*eMail Note: The encryption mentioned above does not take place if you send us an email. This security measure is only available when you use your web browser with one of the website’s forms. Do not send account numbers or social security numbers or any other private information to the bank or anyone else in an email message.

Concerned about OnLine Banking security?

OnLine Banking security is top-priority at Security Savings Bank! Online security begins with an authentication process. Your attempt to access your banking records through your online log-in is stepped through a multi-factor authentication process. You must have more than one basic factor for your access to be approved. You must provide your user name and password, and they each must match the information you previously provided. Additional monitoring records verify your log-in location, time, and device use as compared to patterns you have established over time. Should your log-in request fall outside of your usual patterns in any one of these areas, you will be asked to provide answers to preset security questions to continue the log-in process.

Layered security adds different controls at different points in the transaction processing. At Security Savings Bank, we require a written confirmation of the initial registration. You will receive an email confirmation of changes you make in the online banking system, including, for example, a change made to an email address or an update to an existing biller or the addition of a new biller. These extra layers allow the bank and you to detect and respond to activity which may be unauthorized or out of character.

Security Savings Bank may periodically request confirmation of your email address during an OnLine Banking session. You can view our Privacy Policy to see what governs our collection of information we may collect from you. Please note that Security Savings Bank will never send you emails requesting personal information, account information or internet banking log-in information. If you ever receive an email request for this information which appears to have been sent from Security Savings Bank, do not respond. Instead, forward the email to [email protected], or call the bank at 309-734-9333 or 800-380-9205.

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