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Account Type
Minimum Balance Interest Rate APY*
GenGold® Checking $5,000 .15% 0.00-.15%

Student Checking $5,000 .15% 0.00-.15%

Organization Checking $5,000 .15% 0.00-.15%

Commercial Money Market $1,000 .25% 0.00-.25%

HSA Checking $ 500 .15% 0.00-.15%

$10,000 .50% 0.15-.50%

Rates are effective as of December 19, 2018 and are subject to change at any time.

The accounts shown above are variable rate accounts on which the interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield* may change at the discretion of management. The minimum balance shown is the minimum balance required to earn interest. The interest rate and APY* are paid on the portion of the balance within the specified tier. The portion of the account balance below the stated minimum does not earn interest. Interest is compounded monthly. Fees may reduce the earnings on an account.