Fraud Alerts

Learn how to protect yourself and your family. 

At Security Savings Bank, we know it’s important to keep customers informed about scams and reports of suspicious or fraudulent activity that involves banking consumers or products. We hope you find the following resources helpful.

FDIC OnLine Security
  •  FDIC OnLine Security provides education and information that focuses on Identity Theft and steps consumers should take to secure their computer and protect themselves. It also outlines steps consumers can take if they are a victim of identity theft. 
Department of Treasury
  •  Another resource for information about identity theft is presented by the Department of Treasury (FTC). Click here to read more.
FDIC Consumer News publications
  •   For information on a variety of topics and to view FDIC Consumer News publications, visit the FDIC website

 Identity Theft Brochure

  •  Additionally, you can click here to see a brochure that provides you information and tools to prevent Identity Theft.” 

 If you think you may be a victim of identity theft or have identity theft concerns, please call or come in to speak to one of our representatives.